Monday, August 31, 2015

Missionary Work: It´s E-Z(equiel)

Email written: 8/31/15

We did it! On August 29 (I arrived in Buenos Aires on July 29) we got our first baptism. It was so cool. We taught him all the lessons in a week and he was really ready.

 On Thursday his mom took him out of school just so we could have 3 hours to teach him what we needed to. Elder Hatch really wanted me to do the baptism, but Ezequiel really wanted Elder Hatch to do it. Either way it is evidence of fasting, praying, and hard work. 

Other than that a really uneventful week. I really can´t think of much more to write about this week. It went by so fast and the days have run together. Plus we are really short on time. 

It´s been hard, but somehow I feel I´ve gotten more used to it. I feel that as long as we are obedient and praying all the time, we are going to see more progress. This transfer has been one all about how to have faith and staying positive.   -Elder Steele

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