Monday, August 10, 2015

It's Not Monotone in the Monoblocks

Email written: 8/10/15

Last week I forgot my little book with all the new email addresses, but this week I have it, so I think I have everyone now. 

I´ve completed my first full week in Argentina! It´s weird. It´s felt like 3 days and 3 weeks at the same time. There is not much to complain about, well actually there isn´t anything to complain about. Yeah when it rains it gets really muddy in our area, but it´s whatever at this point. The food has all been really good, and I´m starting to adjust to the eating schedule and portions. I got to have my first Asado (like Argentina BBQ) and it was really really good. The members have been such a huge help. Speaking of which, everyone at home please help the missionaries. They really need it. Go out with them, feed them, give them a name to contact. Please just do something. 

Elder Hatch (who by the way looks just like Crocker from Fairly Odd Parents) and I have really been trying to work hard even though we have seen little success. We had a lot of potential people we talked to, but nearly everyone of them has fallen through. We are a little bummed, but it´s just motivation to work and pray harder. The coolest thing this week was when we visited a family. They were a member reference. We started talking to the family, and when they described their situation, it was almost exactly like Alex. Alex was the investigator Hermano Weekes played for us in the MTC. I got really excited because I thought back to all the experiences we had with teaching ´´Alex´´ in the MTC. We´re trying to teach them and we think that we really could have potential with them. 

My Spanish is coming along little by little. At this point, I´m actually getting more used to being around Spanish, even when I can barely understand sometimes I end up just smiling and responding with sí or no and hoping it´s the right answer. I really don´t know how many times I´ve probably told someone something incorrect about me or the mission. I did my first door approach and it was going good. I gave her a pass along card and invited her to church then she said something really fast in Spanish so I smiled and nodded and figured out what to say next, but before I could she shut the door. It felt cool to finally do something Elder Hatch and I have been practicing for the past week even if I got rejected.  In lessons, usually I share something simple and brief. If we get to the full 1st lesson, I always get to do the 1st vision which I really love to do. I still am really shy to open my mouth and start talking. 

The most interesting thing I´ve learned about Argentina is that they do not like the rain. At all. Practically everyone and everything shuts down. It makes it hard to get members to go out with us and makes it hard to talk to people. And it´s rained every other day here. We had 2 really good finding activities planned for the fair, but both days it rained and cancelled it. 

Yesterday at a farewell, Elder Hatch and I, along with the zone leaders, were just sitting and listening then the lady annouced what was next on the program. She said ´´Now we will hear a special musical number from the Elders´´ so we all just looked at eachother, panicked, and slowly made our way up to the front. Elder Hatch was going to play the piano, so Me, Elder Jenkins and Elder Rodriguez were going to have to sing. None of us can sing. I said we should sing hymn 88 becasue it´s one of the few I know and it´s a pretty good farewell song. So we tried our best to sing that song and we barely got through it. It was embarrasing but in the end, actually kind of fun. 

We get to have a New missionary reunion on Friday so I´ll get to see Elder Hardcaslte and Holtry again which is exciting.  Overall, Argentina is an awesome place, and I´m happy to be here, and soon enough I´ll figure it all out.

-Elder Steele 

Pictures: My view in the morning

                                                    compared to my view at night

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  1. Very proud of you Elder Steele. Keep up the great service!