Monday, August 3, 2015

Paz Fuera America

Email written: 8/3/15

Welp, I´m in Argentina. And it is nothing like I expected. And that is ok. 

First off, I actually miss the MTC. I can´t believe that we wanted to get out of there so quickly. The last few days at the MTC were sad but exciting. We had a great district, zone, and teachers who I´ll miss. Flying was not as bad as I thought it would be. I sat next to Elders on both so I just read Jesus the Christ and slept. I was surprised I could sleep most of the flight to Argentina. When we got off the plane in Atlanta one of the Elders ´´accidentally´´ ran into his mom. I think it was planned,  but I´m not complaining because she bought us all dinner. So my last meal in America was Chick fil a.

We got to Argentina and had no idea what we were doing. We finally found our mission president and we got on a bus. The bus already had 13 latinos from the Chile MTC and they didn't speak English so they tried to scare us with Spanish. But they were all really funny. We took a little tour of Buenos Aires and spent some time in the Mission home. Then we went to the church to get our assignments. My trainer is Elder Hatch. When he met me all he said (and kept saying) was that we have a really special area. I didn't know how to think. Then we took an hour taxi ride to our apartment, which isn´t even in our area. We have to travel by bus everyday to and from our zone. So finally on Wednesday, the work began. We are in Soldati, and are we teach in the Monoblocks. The monoblocks are something else, they are almost like legos or minecraft. I can´t really describe them. Just look them up on Google. I had no idea what happened on Wednesday and Thursday. They did not speak MTC Spanish and I was ready to just leave because I did not feel comfortable. Then I gave myself a huge pep talk and have learned to stay positive. We have not had much success. We´re helping reactivate a really amazing family, but other than that we have not taught lessons. In fact, we have not had 1 sit down lesson with an investigator. We talk to them at their doorway for a few minutes and that´s it. We also don´t really do tracting. We are supposed to work with and through the members trying to find people. Things might be starting to turn around, but who knows. Don´t worry, I´m not discouraged. I have to be like LeBron and not quit until I bring Cleveland that title. 

The food is really good. The problem is there´s too much. The members are trying to kill us. Remember in the Office when Michael ate all that fettuccini alfredo and then ran a 5K (or it´s like having to eat 5 navajo tacos for lunch. That reference is for my MTC friends). That´s how I've felt the past few days. I shouldn't complain because we are getting fed very well and I am very grateful I don´t have to worry about food. I've also learned to really like all the types of breakfast pastries, and mate. 

The members here are awesome. They are really friendly and they help us out so much in all different ways. I just wish I knew more Spanish.  I can´t believe I´m here and am just ready to work. I've already learned a lot and am humbled. I really appreciate my life in America, but for now, I´m an Argentine. 

This has been such a crazy week and hopefully this email makes sense. 

-Elder Steele

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