Saturday, August 1, 2015

Almost Out Of Here

Email written: 7/22/15

On Friday we got our travel plans, so on Monday I'm officially out of the MTC and will be on my way to Argentina!!! It's been so weird to realize that we're almost done. It's been a good week. I'm finally not sick and I got to see 2 friends in the cafeteria. I got to see Sister Wright (Oakli) and Elder Eastley (My F1 buddy from BYU).

Because we're leaving and because we've dominated the volleyball courts every day, we decided to take our flag out to mark our territory and take pictures. Then the Germans (our rivals) stole our idea.

The other picture attached is our motivational board because we were trying to get Hermano Magallanes (our teacher) to ask out this girl and we had a good laugh.

Speaking of laughs, I got laughed at by my district during the devotional. If you remember last week, I accidentally prayed in Spanish. So this week after the prayer (in English) President Trost said "Thank you for praying in the correct language" so in other words I got subtweeted over the stand in front of 1996 other missionaries. But it's all good.

We had our last lesson with Marco and it was sad not only because of all the experiences we had but because he was sick we had to skype him. The interesting thing that even through Skype we were able to really feel the spirit in our lesson. One of our teachers left us with a really interesting quote. It makes more sense in Spanish, but I'll also give the English translation. "La mision es la transformacion de un Pecador a ser Pescador" 
If you remember, the difference between fish and sinner is very little, so in English it means "The mission is the transformation of a sinner into a fisher" so that's really something to think about. 

Lastly, today was the last day we have to go to the temple for probably 2 years. It's impossible to top finishing the Book of Mormon last week, but there was something interesting to be learned today. This morning I found out that one of my favorite F1 drivers passed away on Friday after being in a coma. It was weird to think because I remember watching that race early in the morning in October and have been following the story ever since. It is sad for me mainly because his family and most of his fans do not have the knowledge of the plan of salvation so you can imagine the grief. It was in total contrast to President Packer's funeral because there was comfort in the Plan of Salvation. It just reminded me the power that these gospel principles can have on those who do not have a knowledge.

Next time I email, I'll be in Argentina!
-Elder Steele

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