Monday, November 28, 2016

The 3 Nephites

Email written: 11/28/16

Have to keep it short because one of my companions is really sick and we have to go. Basically this week one of the Elders from Saavedra had to go home so we got put in a trio. While it was really sad watching the Elder go home, we realized how great of an opporunity we have to really do some great things here because it´s 2 big areas with a lot of potential. We had a lot of "fire" and desire to talk to the whole world because we want to find people to teach, but still nothing. It's really hard especailly that the whole zone except for us have baptisms these next 2 weeks. Well we had 3 but they fell through. Long story short this week was brutal and filled with trials of all kinds. I don't know how I've kept going. Everytime I feel like getting down or giving up, some scripture or quote comes to mind and we push forward. I know that every trial has it's purpose, the challenge is figuring out that purpose and being able to push forward with faith and hope. 

-Elder Steele

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Indy 500

Email written: 11/21/16

Perfecting my taco recipe!
This week being the start of a new transfer with a new companion we decided we were going to put in work. And that's what we did. We did more laps around Urquiza than the Indy 500 (because my companion is from Indiana) and just like the race, the only real prize we had this week was the milk in the fridge, not only because we didn´t have lunch but because also it was a very hard week in terms of finding. We decided we weren't going to be afraid to talk to anyone and that we wanted to make Urquiza the best area in the mission. We worked hard at staying positive and, well, we worked a ton. It was hard knowing we'd given our all, even if our results this week didn´t show it. But we felt so good (and tired) because we had given it our all this week, and that´s all we really can do. We can't focus on what didn't turn out, but on how we did and that we keep up the same attitude, faith, and diligence. Because sometimes, like Alma taught with faith and the seed (see Alma 32-34) things take time.
Just today I ran into an Elder who was in Savio the same time as me and told me about all the baptism they had from our area after they closed our side. One of the most surprising was one afternoon in emergency divisions after all our plans fell through, we were just kind of riding the bikes around figuring out what to do when we heard "Turn Down for What" and saw a group of skater kids. This Elder told me that we should contact them, so we did and out of the group of 6 one gave us his direction but I was the one who wrote it down even though he was from the other side. Then I forgot about it until a month later the elder called asking for the direction and it turns out now that he got baptized! No effort is ever wasted! So that´s what I'm taking in to this week. Hard times will come, but it's our attitude that makes the difference. We can either just wait it out or learn from it. This next week is going to be a good one. 

(Pictures of divisions and perfecting my taco recipe.)

-Elder Steele

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Doctrine and Covenants 121:7

Email written: 11/15/16

This week was the last week of the transfer and what a transfer. While I was able to learn a lot, it was not the easiest. Every day was getting more and more difficult and I kept asking "why?" and "how much longer?" and Sunday was something that really helped me finish enduring to the end. Sunday was the ward Primary program and it was such good work. To end the program they had us 4 missionaries come up and join the primary in Called to Serve and the spirit that filled the room was incredible. I felt that everything was going to be ok and that I really am in God's special work. Then at night, one of the youth (and one of our best friends in the ward) opened his mission call and is going to Brazil!! Watching him open his call and to see the emotions of him, his family, and the ward, reminded me of when I opened my call a year and a half ago. I remembered that it's not all about me being a missionary, there is a much greater plan and purpose and it is such a privilege and a blessing to be here in Argentina. 

And as for transfers, I stayed here in Urquiza and Elder Aguilar left. I'm now with Elder Spurling from Indiana. He has 2 transfers left, so if we stay together next transfer too, I will be here in Urquiza for almost 8 months!! But either way, Elder Spurling and I are going to work a ton this transfer and I'm really excited. 

-Elder Steele

Monday, November 7, 2016

Tacos + Members = People to Teach

Email written: 11/7/16

This week we started to carry out operation Taco Bell where we offered to cook Tacos for every member in their house as a way to gain their trust and to find others through them (and a way to make sure we eat everyday) and we've started to fill our planners and our stomachs. We started last week with Matias (a member who is returning to the church) and his girlfriend Veronica (an investigator) and it was a success. The only thing with them is that they have to get married before Veronica gets baptized. We did it with another family and we finally got a reference from them after 3 months of them promising to give it to us, and we contacted them and it's a family of 4 and they came to church yesterday. 

I can't believe the miracles we have seen this week and we are feeling good about ending this transfer next week. We won't baptize this transfer, but we have for sure done our part in preparing the area for next transfer and the long term future. And sometimes that's what we do as missionaries is prepare for the future. And sometimes we forget that, and we get frustrated when we don´t get the results or the "success" but the most important thing we can do is prepare and take care of this part so that in the future there will be plenty of "fruits" to harvest.  

-Elder Steele