Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1 Transfer Down

Email written: 9/8/15

Don´t worry, I´m ok. Because it´s transfer week, P day is Tuesday instead of Monday. Last night they called and told the zone who was staying and who was going. They told me I was staying and then didn´t say anything about my companion. Elder Hatch has this as his final transfer and he really wants to stay and finish in Soldati, so when they didn´t say anything at first he got really scared. Then the zone leaders said ´Well Elder Hatch, we are looking on the map and we can´t find this place you are going. You are going to..... stay.´´ Elder Hatch was so happy, and I was glad too because I still need his help getting around the monoblocks and he is a pretty good companion. 

Speaking of transfers, I can´t believe I´m done with one. I have been out on the mission for 3 months now and I don´t know how to feel. With this transfer I learned 3 things: 
1. Missionary work is hard. Different from the MTC experiences. 
2. The Book of Mormon is really aweomse to read from every morning 
3. Argentina has good food, but Peru has the best food probably ever. 

Sunday was Ezequiel´s confirmation. I was sitting in the back with him and then they called for us to come up and announced I would be doing the actual conforming. I was nervous because I didn´t know how to do one and this is pretty important. But I figured it out and I really felt the Spirit as it was happening. 

Other than that there is not much to write about. We are just working everyday hoping to find the people prepared to listen. This transfer for the entire mission has been a little down in numbers, and it is a little discouraging when we think about it, but it gives us motivation and faith that we can improve and turn everything around. We have really tried to talk to more members and get references from them and we have been using ´´Elder Holland´s testimony of the Book of Mormon´´ Mormon message and asking them to share their experiences with the Book of Mormon, and it has been really powerful and we have started to strengthen them as well as get some references.  There are some days where I don´t feel like a missionary and there are others where I feel that this is exactly what missionary work is. There are some days where 2 years seems like forever and other days where 2 years does not feel like I will have enough time to make a difference.   -Elder Steele

Here´s a picture from last P-day.

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