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Email written: 6/24/15
Well I made it a full week in the MTC. Not going to lie, the first few days were brutal. I'm so glad to have a great district. It's me, Elder Holtry, Elder Sargent (Hopes to go MLB), Elder Hardcastle (Performing arts major, so he's very entertaining), Elder Hoopes, Elder Christiansen, Hermana Smith, Hermana Powers, Hermana Adkins, y Hermana Landen. We've been able to grow close (3 blessings have already been given) and it's very easy to see that we were all put there for a reason. It's helpful to have a good district because the first few days you really end up questioning why you're there but by Sunday you realize everything is going to be ok. And the wise words of Michael Scott have really helped adjusting to the MTC "Adapt, react, readapt, act." Jueves was the first full day and it was a very long day. A typical day in the MTC is

6:30 wake-up
7-8 study in classroom
8-8:30 breakfast
8:30-9:20 Gym (Basketball or Volleyball)
9:50-12:50 Class
12:50-1:30 Lunch
2:05-5:05 Class
More plan and studying
5:45 Dinner
6:30-9:30 Class
10:30 Bed

And class either means learning Spanish or teaching investigators. My companion (Elder Holtry from California. Great companion to have) have 2 investigators we teach: Jorge y Marco. We started teaching Jorge on Friday and our first lesson with Marco was yesterday. Jorge is from Argentina and reminds me of my Dad because his wife is pregnant and Jorge really cares for his family and really wants to be able to have the best family he can. The thing is, we have to teach in Spanish, so the lessons always don't go as planned. But the gift of tongues is a real gift and incredible. We've been able to not only teach in Spanish but also pray and bear testimony. In these lessons we are really able to feel God's love for them. It is great motivation to learn Spanish because all you want to do is help your investigators learn and feel el Espiritu Santo. There was one time teaching Jorge where I said Pescados instead of Pecados. Pescados = fish, pecados = sin. See the problem? 

The food is just ok, but don't worry I am eating. It's like the Cannon center but not as good. But at least I'm getting 3 meals a day. 

My Spanish is coming along bit by bit. WIthout even thinking I can write or speak Spanish in the middle of a sentence, which I think means that I'm starting to get a grip on the language. It's really fun on Loco Lunes y Macanudo Martes because we try to only speak Spanish all day. It's been helpful. I realized that the reason I am learning Spanish is not because I have the ability to learn languages easily, but instead it's to humble me and make me rely on the spirit. Also Macanudo means groovy and we say it all the time just because it's fun. 

There's just so much that goes on and I have so many experiences and it's hard to try to write them all down and share them. I am excited to keep learning and I'm ready to be in Argentina. 

Yo se que Jose Smith es un profeta y vio Dios y Jesucristo. Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadero. Yo soy argedecido por el Espiritu Santo y el don del lenguas. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.  (I know there should be accents but this keyboard won't do it. And also I know that the spelling might be a little off)   -Elder Steele

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