Saturday, August 1, 2015

You can't spell Missionary Preparation without STREP

Email written: 7/15/15

Ok, so I don't actually have strep. I thought I did and it's been going around the MTC this past week. But I have been sick since Thursday. Yesterday I finally found out what I have, it's a "Viral upper respiratory tract infection" and I'm still going to be recovering for another week or so. I've only missed one class block so luckily I'm not behind. 

Have you ever had the feeling something was going to happen and then weeks later they happen? Well that happend twice. On the same day. The first was Elder Holtry and I kept feeling we were going to be made Zone Leaders and then on Sunday morning he asked us to be Zone Leaders. We haven't done much yet, but we do get flip phones so it's exciting. The other thing has to do with devotionals. Ever since the first devotional I've thought "If I ever have to pray for one of those I know I'm going to speak Spanish" and you're supposed to pray in English. So last week I was told I'd be giving the opening prayer for the Sunday evening devotional and just as I feared, my prayer went like this "Nuestro querido Padre Celes- uhhhh oh Dear Heavenly Father" And everyone laughed including the MTC presidency. So now I'm known as THAT Elder who prayed in Spanish #rememberthename. Other than that it's been a pretty normal week. Start the day off dominating volleyball then in class learning Spanish or teaching investigators. 

Spritually it's been an interesting week mainly because I've been sick I haven't focused as much as I probably should, but I still had 2 really good experiences. Friday was another awesome Marco experience. We taught tithing and he understood but also told us it would be a challenge becuase he does not make much and will be taking classes at UVU in August, but we had him pray at the end of the lesson and he said "Please help me know this is a commandment and it's true (15 second pause) I've never felt this feeling before so it must be the Holy Ghost testifying to me" he was emotional after and thanked us for inviting such a spirit. Teach Marco has been such a blessing becuase it has shown us the power of the Holy Ghost in conversion and how crucial it is. The other was this morning. Our branch president challenged us on Day 2 of the MTC to finish the Book of Mormon or at least finish Alma by the time we leave. Well I took the challenge and soon enought I realized that if I paced myslef just right, I could finish Moroni 10 in the Celestial room. The whole session I was so anxious to get to the room to finish. All I can say is what an incredible and almost indescribable experience it is to finish the Book of Mormon in the Temple. The thing is I haven't fully read it all the way through, I mean I kind of did for Seminary but I didn't get much out of it. My testimony of the Book of Mormon has always been based off my testimony of Jospeh Smith. My thinkning was "I know without a doubt Joseph Smith is a prophet, so the Book of Mormon must be true" but after today all I've got to say is the Book of Mormon is so freakin true. 

Overall I'm just taking the MTC day by day. We've gotten into to routine of everything and the Spanish is all coming along. Elder Holtry and I can now teach all the lessons with little to no notes so that's a confidence booster. Just couting down the days until I can finally get to Buenos Aires and speak Castellano (which of course is the best and most pure form of Spanish). This time next week we have to start packing. We're supposed to get our flight plans at the end of this week and we're almost positive we leave on July 27th. 

-Elder Steele

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