Monday, August 17, 2015

¡Feliz dia del niño!

Email written: 8/17/15

So dia del niño was a big deal this week. Honestly it´s just a commercial holiday to get parents to buy their kids more toys. Between everyone making preparations for that, the rain, and the Stake olympics, we hard another hard week. Everyday we had our member who was supposed to accompany us fall through. We couldn´t get many lessons, which was disappointing and discouraging. We did have some hope though. We had Sarita who we contacted about a week ot 2 ago (time is weird on the mission so I can´t remember) and we decided to pass by one last time. We saw the door was open so we got excited. She was home! And we found out she had been reading in the Book of Mormon and wanted to go with us to church. Elder Hatch turned to me and said ¨You know what we have? A progressing investigator!¨ and I don´t think I´ve been happìer on the mission. It was such a cool feeling. Then it was  and she wasn´t home. Then we got really bummed out and kept asking why. We had been fasting and praying for investigators and we really felt Sarita was the one. So we were making our way to the church building and we ran into Pablo. Pablo was someone we talked to in the stairway and seemed to have some interest. So we talked to him again and made an appointment. Then later that night, we were with a member and we saw Pablo again and the member told us that Pablo is a friend of his daughter and was investigating the church a little bit years ago but his dad wouldn´t let him. Now he´s 18 and his dad moved out, so Elder Hatch and I really feel he has potential. It´s not a coincidence that we keep running into him. 

Other than that, we had a new missionary reunion so I got to see Elder Holtry and Hardcastle again which was fun. Turns out we're all struggling which made me realize I´m not the only one which was comforting. It means that we are all in this together and we can get through it all. 

Lastly, we got to be witnesses for a crime. We were walking to pass by Sarita and the police stopped us and asked us if we could be witnesses. They just wrote down our names and our address. It was weird but exciting. 

Don´t really have much else. It´s been a slow week. A very hard week. But for some reason I´m still smiling. I just know it´s going to turn around for us. 

(Don´t have pictures becuase the computer Im using doesnt have a USB port)
-Elder Steele

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