Monday, July 25, 2016

The Party Planning Committee

Email written: 7/25/16
This week started out with interviews with President Smith. He talked to all of us about how we need to forget about numbers and we have to find and help complete families. I liked that a lot and that was our focus this week to find and help families. We didn't find any new families, but we have continued to work with Cecilia and her family. Yesterday was supposed to be the baptism of her niece and another one of her sons, but about 100 different things happened Saturday and they couldn't come. It was really sad (and Satan is a huge jerk) but things look good for this Sunday.

The other big thing this week was the ward activity. 2 weeks ago we started to plan and invite people. It was a multi-culture night where the ward members (and us) brought food and other things from their country and shared it with everyone. The other elder from the US and I made chocolate chip pancakes and french toast and everyone loved it. Then the other part was a talent show. There was plenty of singing and dancing. We also did a little sketch of a normal day as a missionary (it started out with us doing a choreographed exercise routine to Uptown Funk, so yeah it was awesome). All the members thanked us because it had been a long time since they have had a big ward activity. It was cool to see all the members excited and how they all helped out.   -Elder Steele

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