Monday, August 1, 2016

We Do Not Desire to Murmur

Email written: 8/1/16

This week was a very interesting one. This scripture from Alma 56 sums it up (and also Alma 58:33-37, part of which I used in the subject); 

"... I found [the Elders] with their might to fortify the city [of Savio].
 Yea, and they were depressed in body as well as in spirit, for they had fought valiantly by day and toiled by night to maintain [Savio]; and thus they had suffered great afflictions of every kind. And now they were determined to [Baptize] in this place or die; therefore you may well suppose that this little force which I brought with me, yea, those sons of mine, gave them great hopes and much joy."

That´s how we felt this week. We felt like all the members were against us and that the week passed by very long. Saturday was especially difficult, but then I was reminded of Moses 1:39 and what we do as missionaries is not about us so I had to pick myself up and hope that things would get better. Just like in the end of the scripture, it was the tiny blessings that gave us hope and joy. One of those has been Cecilia. Even though the son (Uriel) that got baptized this week is 8, it was still a big blessing for Cecilia and that´s what matters. 

Picture of the baptism (Marcos, a member baptized because he helped a ton) and of Language study #trilingual

-Elder Steele

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