Monday, July 4, 2016

Mr. Smith goes to Buenos Aires

Email written: 7/4/16

Well I should say President Smith (but I had to do it for the title)
So this week we had the mission president change. It was really weird not to see President Ayre. We had a meeting on Friday  to get to know President Smith and his family. One of the biggest things that has stuck with me is when he shared that we have to serve the ward more. We have to work with them more and in a better way. It made me think about where we are with our ward right now in Savio. The Elders from the other part complain a lot about the ward and it was getting easier and easier for us to do it too. But then I remember the other wards I had been in and what we did when there was a problem. I started to realize that because I was in Soldati and Parque Avellaneda I learned quite a bit on how to work with a ward and what to do (and not to do) when there is a problem. The thing is, I couldn't really put in to practice anything, but now I feel like there is a great opportunity to apply what I know and have learned to make a better contribution to Savio. We've started to work on a ward mission plan and something that will hopefully help the ward grow not only in the time that we are there, but for the next year also. Because as missionaries we don´t just go around knocking doors and baptizing all day, but we also have the responsibility to help the church where ever we are, and I know that if we work better with the ward, they will be self sufficient in sharing the gospel and we are going to be able to teach more people.

-Elder Steele

Picture is from President´s goodbye

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