Monday, July 18, 2016

Elder, Where is Your Faith?

Email written: 7/17/16

This week was the start of a new transfer with a new companion. We had a baptism set for Sunday and a ton of
 references to contact. Then Elder da Silva got sick with strep so we couldn't do much the first few days. 

Time for a new pair of shoes, Elder Steele!
We were going to have a baptism Sunday, but in the morning her parents yelled at us and Cecilia (her aunt) and said that she wasn't going. We filled the font anyway and Elder da Silva told me, Elder I know she will show up later. So the font was filled and we waited. At 11:50 we drained the font and at 12 Macarena, our baptism, showed up with Cecilia and told us that she had a problem in the morning but was all good. We then tried to refill the font and organize everything super fast. We also had a meeting with the ward leaders and it was super crazy. In the end she asked if it would be better to wait next week because she wants to have hot water, people at her baptism, and next week is the baptism of her cousin also.

 It was crazy though because we put our faith and trusted that she would show up. This past transfer I really focused on faith (and the patience, diligence, and hope that come with it) and now we are seeing the fruits. It's not that we do it, but because this is the Lord's work he will help us when we have righteous desires and the vision to do bigger things. One of the blessings besides the baptism is the ward. We started to pray for the ward and plan what to do, and without us saying anything to them, they have taken a ton of initiative and the ward now has a ton of potential. 

-Elder Steele

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