Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Email written: 7/12/16
We´re kind of short on time so I´ll keep it quick:

 So today is transfer day and Elder Vides left so now I´m in Savio with Elder da Silva from Brazil (hence the 7-1 because we can never forget what happened in the World Cup)! His trainer was Elder Troya (my good ol Colombian buddy) and I´m pretty excited to work with him. 

With Elder Vides we were able to finish the transfer in a special way with the baptisms of Cecilia and Jose. They were a miracle that we found them. Basically what had happened was in February an Elder contacted some kids and asked them where they lived and the names of their parents and wrote all of it down on a piece of paper and forgot about it. When he left, he gave it to Elder Vides who also forgot about it. 

3 weeks ago in divisions Elder Vides remembered the paper and went to contact all of the people. the last one was Bety who didn´t want anything either, but at the same time her sister in law Cecilia showed up and the Elders talked to her and she accepted everything. We taught her and she came to churchSundaySunday night she sent us a text and said she didn´t know if she was going to be able to go to church or get baptized. We got bummed out but then Elder Vides said "but she never said that we can´t pass by" so we passed by and taught her and 2 weeks later she got baptized. She´s married and has 7 kids and a bunch more family who live close so we have our work cut out for us these next few weeks.   -Elder Steele

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