Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Email written: 6/27/16

So this week was a little more eventful. It was President´s last week so on Tuesday he wanted to meet with all the district leaders, and even though it´s Elder Vides who is the district leader, I still learned quite a bit (and thought a lot about Grandpa´s teaching of Leaders vs. Managers). Then on Thursday was President´s farewell, and he shared a lot of "goodbye advice" with us and it was a good time. 

Between the meetings, and Elder Vides being sick, we didn´t have a ton of time to work. On Friday the whole zone did divisions and Elder Vides stayed in our area, and for the first time in a while he and one of the zone leaders were able to get a ton of lessons and find some new people. Meanwhile I was with the other zone leader in his area and we too put in a lot of work. That night and the following morning I realized that the greatest key to success is the attitude and belief that it´s all possible and for the first time in a while we had investigators with us in the chapel and we were able to end the week on a good note. 

This whole week has been about the Copa America (the soccer tournament) and Argentina got to the finals and just like a repeat of last year, lost. We also found out that Messi has just called it quits. That doesn't make a lot of sense if he is the greatest in the world, how is he just going to give up because it´s hard for him to win sometimes. and I thought thats exactly how we are here in the mission (and in life): We have everything we have the potential and the means to succeed in all aspects, but what happens if we lose every once in a while? Unlike Messi, I am not going to give up or abandon anybody!

-Elder Steele

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