Monday, May 2, 2016

Cold Air, Colder Hearts

Email written: 5/2/16

So this week was a pretty cold one and everyone is freaking out because it is a lot colder than normal. The worst part is at night, but we always seem to get through it so it´s all good. And referring to the subject, the people were colder than the weather this week. No one wanted to talk to us. We got lied to (more than usual), investigators and less actives hid from us, and we couldn't do a lot of contacting. But we just kept working and every day we felt good about the work we did given everything that was thrown at us.

And we know we were blessed this week because Sunday we had a baptism! Ariana was an old investigator from about 9 months ago and she couldn't ever get permission and it was hard for her to wake up Sundays, but this week everything fell into place for her and she was baptized. It felt really good knowing that there are blessings when we are diligent. I am also thankful for the diligence of the Elders before me who kept working with her to keep her prepared because she really understands and loves this Gospel. 

One thing I really tried to put into practice this week is to not complain at all or blame anyone when things get hard. It was difficult at first and I had to constantly remind myself, but it has payed off. The week flew by and it made going out and working everyday better. There are a lot of things in life that we can´t control and about 97% of the time things don´t go according to plan, but we can control how we react and that´s where we learn and grow.   -Elder Steele

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