Monday, May 9, 2016

It's Already May?

Email written: 5/9/16

So this week started out with a bang. Well, it was more like a snap because somebody (me) broke the key that opened the bike lock. So we were 2 days without bikes and in the end we bought a saw blade and cut the lock. 

We had a really close call with Ariana´s confirmation because on Thursday she told us she couldn't go because Sunday was her Mom´s birthday and her mom wanted her to spend time at home. After explaining the importance of receiving the Holy Ghost and encouraging her to pray and ask her mom again. Saturday at 7:30pm she still hadn´t asked her mom so we were 50/50 if she was going to get confirmed. Sunday comes around and sacrament meeting starts at 9am. At 8:59am a car rolls up and out comes a member followed by Ariana! It was an answer to prayers and thanks to the help of the member who helped get her there.That really saved our week because that was about the only thing to go our way. 

This week although was not our best by a long shot, still was a good one. We maintained our diligence and obedience through it all, and although we couldn´t find anyone this week, we did get some small tender mercies to help us out. The greatest of those was that almost every night at 9:05 the member who lives below us yelled "Elderes!!" which means that he or his wife had made dinner for us! So this week we did not go to bed cold or hungry, which was something that really helped keep us going. 

-Elder Steele

Photos: the lock I broke, and the view of Savio from our pension. 

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