Monday, April 25, 2016

Lance Armstrong

Email written: 4/25/16

Week 1 in Savio is in the books (or should I say in the mud? because there is a ton of that here) and you can now call me Lance Armstrong. Why? Because here in Savio, we use bikes! And the first time we went out on the bikes it almost killed me because I was sick and the bike was broken. But now that I´m better and the bike is fixed, we are ready to ride (and the only "performance enhancers" that we need here is prayer and Argentine food),

Something interesting that happened was that one morning parts of the Plan of Salvation just clicked. I really don´t know how to explain it but all of a sudden my way of thinking about all of these hard times in the mission changed to view them in a more positive light and it has really changed my attitude for the better. I was just thinking that although things are getting hard, the mission isn´t that long of a time so it´s not a huge problem to go through trials (and the same goes in everyday life). 

Another thing that got me thinking was yesterday in stake conference one of the speakers shared a story. In the
story someone had a dream where they were in the chapel during the sacrament, and this person was lead by an angel and could see everyone on their phones and with other distractions and could also hear their thoughts and almost nobody was thinking about Christ or the sacrament. This stuck with me, because where are my thoughts during this time?  It´s like what was said in General Conference "Sometimes it´s just hard to think about Jesus ok!?"  The Church is true and the Gospel really does bless lives. 

-Elder Steele

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