Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Crashing Into Transfers

Email written: 5/30/16

First of all I realized that last week I put a subject line and then never explained what happened. Basically Locro is a traditional dish in Argentina that they eat during holidays like May 25 (when Argentina wanted to declare independence). And everyone spends the week before hyping it up and carefully planning the ward activity.

Anyway this week, just like the title says was full of crashing. It started Wednesday. We hadn't had hot water for 4 days and we wanted to shower so we called the other Elders and asked them if we could use their shower. They said only if we got up early to play basketball. After playing and showering we rode the bikes back to the pension and I was wearing my soccer shoes and my pedal is basically non existent so after going over a speed bump, my foot slipped and I lost control and crashed, but nothing too bad. Then Saturday it rained a ton and there was mud everywhere and my bike has no tread on the front tire, so I crashed 2 more times..... and also Elder Vides crashed pretty hard too. But we´re all good now. 

So today is transfer day, but Elder Vides and I are going to stay together another transfer. It didn´t really come as a surprise so we were ready. This last transfer was not the easiest (but then again I don´t think there exists an "easy transfer" in the mission) but although we didn´t have a ton of baptisms or the highest numbers, I did learn a lot. I really tried to study Chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel, which is Christlike Attributes. And then not only study them, but then put them into practice. The study part was easy, and these past 2 weeks have been the test of my studies. It seemed like after I had studied a section, something would happen as if God was giving me the opportunity to apply and have experiences related to the attribute. Most recently I was studying hope. Hope is a word misused a lot in today´s vocabulary, because the true definition of hope is the ability to wait and trust that all the promises and the blessings of the Lord will be completed in their due time. That applies to the mission alot, because I have come to realize that as missionaries we are not called to fail and suffer, but instead to succeed gloriously. So I have to keep going because there is something big coming and it will all be worth it. Another one of the little successes we had this transfer was Ariana, our only baptism. She was baptized only a month ago, but already has the Young Women´s theme memorized, is working on her personal progress, is halfway through the Book of Mormon, and has a huge desire to serve a mission. That´s why we do what we do. 

-Elder Steele

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