Monday, April 4, 2016

Spring Break?

Email written: 4/4/16

This week was a week that could not have come at a better time. 

Starting with Tuesday we had interviews with President. It has not been easy these past weeks (well my whole mission) and especially now when there is a lot of pressure to raise the Oculta up to it´s baptizing excellence again.

A lot has gone through my mind but President in his wisdom and experience helped refocus my eternal perspective. That same day I got a letter from an old companion which really helped motivate me and to build my understanding of the plan the Lord has for each of us. 

On Thursday I got to finish the Book of Mormon (or should I say Libro De Mormon) after taking the challenge of President Ayre to read it in 3 months before conference. And yall want to know something? The Book of Mormon is just as true in Spanish as it is in English! The incredible thing about the Book of Mormon is that as we read and apply the principles day by day we do not see or feel great changes, but looking back at these 3 months I have been changed. I feel different about the scriptures and my thoughts and actions have changed. I have come to love the Book of Mormon. 

Riding these good feelings led us right in to conference. This was only about the 3rd time in my life where I watched all the sessions of conference and I really enjoyed it. I have come to admire and respect the apostles and all of those who have been called of God to fulfill offices in His church. The talk by Mervyn B Arnold really struck me in the importance of rescuing in the church. We may not have investigators right now, but we can still bring others who have left the church to come back and experience the blessings because, as we learned more than once this conference, we are ALL children of a Heavenly Father and therefore we are ALL important. And then to end the conference Holland just capped off an incredible 2 days. 

The weird thing is that we do not have investigators and have not really found anyone in this week, but we have worked very hard and we feel we did everything we could have. It is interesting to note that success and knowing you did your part is not always about the numbers you write down every night (although it is a lot nicer when you have new people to teach).

(the closest you can get to the Elefante Blanco to take a picture)  

-Elder Steele

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