Monday, April 11, 2016

Eu Não Falo Português

Email written: 4/11/16

So this week should have been transfers, but because of a change in February this transfer is 8 weeks. It´s passed by fast more or less but being here for 5 months has started to take its toll. It´s been pretty easy to feel tired of the routine of the area and to start wondering where I might go next transfer. And just when it was getting bad, I got some hope.
There has been a member who lives close to our pension but we haven´t been able to visit them much. We tried to make a greater effort to visit them and after getting lunch with them and doing service, we got the mom of the family to go out and do visits. After these visits we "trained" her on how to be a member missionary but we didn´t think much of it. A few days later she called us and told us that she talked to a friend who wants us to teach her and she already set up the appointment. So the next day we went to visit her friend Lucinda. Lucinda is from Brazil and speaks Portuñol which is Spanish-Portuguese, so we still basically understand her but she sometimes doesn´t understand everything we say. Luckily one of the elders who lives with us is from Brazil and has taught me some Portuguese (side note: Portuguese is pretty fun to speak) and we were able to get her a book of Mormon in Portuguese. Even though there is a little bit of a language and age barrier, she seems to understand and feel the spirit and loved church yesterday.
It was a relief that after all these weeks in this transfer, to finally have someone so ready and willing to learn is a blessing. I then realized that I can´t be tired of the area and blame it on the area because it doesn´t matter where I will be serving I still have to work, so transfers are next week and although it would be kind of nice to have a change of scenery, I will be fine with whatever comes my way. 

-Elder Steele

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