Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Colombia Round 2

Email written: 4/19/16

After 5 and a half months of the Villa Oculta and after 9 months in Villas/capital of Buenos Aires, I now have the opportunity to be in Provincia! My new area is called Savio and it´s pretty far away from my other areas (so there goes the chances of seeing everyone I know). I´ve only been here for 2 hours but I really like it. It´s almost like a different mission. My new companion is Elder Vides from Colombia (I swear if he starts to have back problems... but at least I´ll know what to do). 

 I wasn't 100% sure if I was going to leave, so we treated this last week like any other normal week and we worked. The rain and late lunches kind of hurt us but we have really been able to work with the members a lot better. But I did say goodbye to a few members for that just in case I leave security. Looking back, a ton has happened and while it wasn't  always the easiest or the most fun, I am very grateful for the lessons I learned and the people I met. One of the things I really learned is you can't ever give up on something. As a missionary you can't give up because you don´t know who you may help. As a parent you can't give up on your children. And this attitude of can't give up comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That is why testimony and conversion are so vital. Anything can happen in life, and 92% of the things that happen we can't control, but there are things we can do and if we do our part, we will receive help.  -Elder Steele

Photos: Liniers Zone and Guess how many months I completed?

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