Monday, February 1, 2016

Guess Who's Back, Back Again?

Email written: 2/1/16

So this week was another rough week but the highlight was the MTC part 2 when we got to do divisions with our district leader and guess who his companion is... Elder Holtry! So Elder Holtry got to be with in my area with me for a day and it was fun. 

Other than that nothing really big happened. We started this week again with 0 possibilities and that 0 continued. We´ve gotten really close but we always end up with nothing. It´s especially hard when we are working the hardest and being the most diligent and obedient. But we talked last night and realized that it´s just the Lord´s way of preparing us for something greater later in this transfer, later in the mission, or later in life. That´s where the hope and faith come in.
We also have tried to work better with the ward leaders and we finally got invited to ward council. But there are things that because of other Elders from months and years past, we have some trouble in realizing our vision to work together. But we have made progress.
The last thought I had this week, was (I don´t like counting the months but..) that I have 7 months now in the mission. And it´s hard to look back and feel like I´ve done a whole lot. It doesn´t feel like 7 months and I don´t feel that great of a missionary. But I was thinking about Axel and Kiara (2 of our baptisms from last transfer). They both want to serve missions even though they are only 9 and 13. Kiara is going this week on a Pioneer Trek with the stake and the leaders told us how great she is. They are both reading and have testimonies. They have made their grandma (who was already a member) so happy and that´s when I realized that I have been able to witness a change in some people and if they can grow up to serve missions, that would make my mission worthwhile. That´s where we find the joy more than a bunch of baptism numbers.  -Elder Steele

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