Monday, February 8, 2016

The Best Gift

Email written: 2/8/16
Not to make a big deal, but last week was my birthday and it made me think a lot. Because a year ago on my birthday I opened my mission call and now I have 7 months as a missionary (which kind of scares me). These 7 months have been incredible and incredibly difficult especially these past few weeks. We started this week sick and with no real possibilities for investigators, but we knew we had to work so that´s what we did. Then we don´t know how, but we found people. Or more so they found us:

Lunna and Carlos. Carlos is the son of a recent convert but is already inactive. So we went to visit his mom but she had to leave, but Lunna (the girlfriend of Carlos) was there and asked us to share with her. She loved it and then Carlos came from work and we asked "So if this is the true church of Christ, what would you do with this knowledge?" Carlos stayed thinking and then said "I´d repent" Now this is not something we see everyday, especially with someone like who Carlos used to be. It was incredible. Lunna loves everything about the church and on my birthday we went with them to start their papers for marriage (because it´s a weird process here) and they really want to change and do what´s right.

Maria stopped us in the street to ask who we were and she said she´s had bad experiences with other churches but wants us to teach her. She used to be into some pretty sketchy satanic stuff but now she wants to really change and has so much desire to repent. She almost didn´t come to church but following our goal to be more bold, we spoke with power and authority (and love of course) and then she showed up to church. She too loves it all and shared with her daughter (who is also named Maria)

Sara was outside her door and our member looked at me and asked if we were going to contact her and I said of course and we went and at first she was hesitant but then asked us to bless her house to get rid of all the "evil" and then she told us she couldn´t go to church because she can´t walk. We asked about her faith in Christ and the miracles that he performed and she said she believes it all so using our priesthood authority we gave her a blessing. Following her faith and the authority that we hold, Sara now can walk without any problems and has started to see other parts of her health improve. It was a true testimony of faith and the priesthood. 

This week Elder Troya and I felt so relieved and blessed. That finally we could see some results because we have prayed, fasted, and worked so much. We also came to understand that sometimes we have difficulties to be prepared to receive greater blessings. 

Picture was last Pday. We had a birthday asado for me and Elder Troya (because his birthday was Tuesday).

Thanks for all the birthday cards!

-Elder Steele

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