Monday, February 15, 2016

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Email written: 2/15/16

As great as last week was, it just didn´t last. This week started good but by the end it was brutal especially yesterday. Yesterday none of our investigators showed up to church, we don´t have lunch this coming week, and we just can´t seem to work together with the ward. All of us just wanted to get transferred. But then we realized that we have to work and really do our best even if this isn´t our favorite ward or area because we can´t put these types of excuses. 

But the good news is that Carlos and Lunna quit smoking! We gave them each a blessing to help them to quit and within 2 days they had both quit. The most incredible part was during the blessing of Carlos. I was the one who gave the blessing and during it I felt something that I couldn´t really explain. Then walking to the pension, Elder Troya started to talk about the blessing and how he too felt something really special about Carlos. It´s like we could see for just a second through the eyes of our Heavenly Father and understand this man´s potential. But the thing is, all of us have divine potential, and we just have to figure out what exactly we can do with our talents and life.   -Elder Steele

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