Monday, January 25, 2016

Yeah We're Pretty Special

Email written: 1/25/16

This week we felt really special for a few reasons. The first is that Tuesday we had a special guest go out and work with us.... President Ayre!! He called us Saturday night and told us that he felt really strongly that he needed to go out and work with us for a bit. He could only be with us for 2 hours but it was really neat to have him with us. At first I was nervous but then we got to work.

Tuesday morning we also got to go to the temple and start replacing the stuff we lost. We felt weird because the temple is part of another mission but it was fun to go to see the temple. And yes, we thought about going in and doing a session, but in the end decided against it. 

Wednesday we had a special broadcast for all the missionaries in the world and it helped me focus on the things I want to improve on. Friday we got to go shopping again, this time in the Plaza Once, and now we pretty much have everything replaced. Friday and Saturday flew by and we have been working really hard and Saturday night we felt really good for Sunday. But Sunday came and all 7 of our investigators had some sort of problem and couldn't go. So our excitement and energy took a hit but we pressed on. The truth is we have close to nothing to work with starting this week. All we really have is our diligence, obedience, and prayer. But we have to keep positive and hold to our faith that we will see fruits of our labors and benefit from these experiences.   
-Elder Steele

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