Monday, December 5, 2016

Be Careful of What you Wish For

Email written: 12/5/16

They say if you want different results, you have to do something different. So that´s what we did this week. All of the district has been struggling in finding and doing the contacts with the Book of Mormon, so we "blitzed" every area in the district. Each day we were in a different area from 3-5 just talking to everybody. It was crazy how much work we put in and how much it helped all of us work with a different attitude. Our unity and fire grew a lot this week. One of the little things I decided that I wanted to do this past week was to carry a Book of Mormon in Portuguese with the determination to find someone from Brazil. On Friday we were finishing up and one of the sisters asked us how many Books we gave out and we said only 6 because the 7th Book we have is in Portuguese. Then she told us that they had just found someone from Brazil who wanted a Book of Mormon in Portuguese. I couldn't believe it. I went with Elder Sousa (from Brazil) and we talked to him and I understood everything he said and I have my testimony in Portuguese. It was so awesome and a little fun miracle. Saturday was the day where the district came here to Urquiza and it was the hardest blitz because almost nobody was in the street and we were getting kind of down about not being as successful the other days. Then we walked by a bus stop and I felt like I had to talk to the lady sitting down. I started talking to her and noticed she had an accent and at first I thought it was from Colombia, but then I realized.... She was from Brazil!!! I didn't have another Livro de Mormon, but I still talked to her in Portuguese for 7 minutes! We still didn't have anybody show up to church but we feel that we gave it all this past week and that we have to start seeing something change. It was interesting to see that God really does answer our prayers based on what we want (so now I realize that instead of Brazilians I should have been asking for baptisms but it´s cool).

Pics of the 3 Nephites in rain and sun (and yes I did get sunburned because last week we played soccer) 

-Elder Steele

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