Monday, December 19, 2016

Paging Doctor Steele

Email written: 12/19/16

This week there was no singing, well not as much. We did sing on the train one day and then yesterday in the ward Christmas devotional. But this week things got back to a more "normal" schedule. We continue being the "3 wisemen" because President said he couldn't make it work before transfers, so this week we had to balance covering the 2 wards. We continued sharing the Book of Mormon with everyone possible and really tried hard to be able to have people to teach. Not only because we are nearing transfers and I if I leave I want to leave the area better than I found it, but also because one of the biggest focuses now in the mission is developing more charity and love for the people and how I really want to be able to help them because everyone has their lives full of problems and everyone needs a relief and hope and thats what Christ brings. Like for example we started teaching a family from Venezuela and they started to tell us how it is over there and WOW!! 

On Thursday afternoon we got a call from the zone leaders and they asked if all 3 of us could go over to their area to do divisiones, but Elder Juzga had his planner full for Friday so Elder Spurling stayed with him Friday while I went to be with the zone leaders. It was a really hot day but they had a baptism then we found a ton of Paraguayos to teach. It was really fun because the villas are full of people from Paraguay, Peru, and Boliva where as in Urquiza they are almost all from Argentina. I got to brush up on my guaranĂ­ (the native language of Paraguay. #blessingsofthevilla). Then at night one the Elders started to complain about back pain. Now if anyone remembers some of my past experiences here in the mission, I´m basically an expert in back problems. So the zone leaders asked if I could stay until Sunday afternoon. Now normally divisiones last 24 hours, so one only brings stuff for 24 hours, so it was very interesting. All day Saturday and a good chunk of yesterday I just hung out in the apartment (well it was more like an oven but oh well at least they had not 1 but 2 fans so it could have been worse). Then I got back yesterday just in time to sing with the district in our ward devotional and the spirit of Christmas was so strong. 

pics- the Belgrano Choir and the "Estadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti" (Where River plays)

-Elder Steele

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