Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Came A Little Late

Email written: 12/26/16

So Christmas came and went by really fast and it was a little hard to feel the "Christmas spirit" as I'm normally used to. Even though it was my second one here it still felt weird that it´s summer down here. But I was able to enjoy my Christmas because I did my best to focus on Christ. Being able to bear my testimony of Him this Christmas season was very special because I was really able to feel close to Him this month.

Just minutes ago I got the call and I´m leaving Urquiza and going to Neuva Pompeya. The thing is, it´s right next to Soldati. I´m even going to be living in the same apartment that I was in a year ago. It´s so weird to think that my time here has passed. I knew from the beginning that it was not going to be easy and it never was. I came to Urquiza with the hopes of doing big things and changing everything, but in the end I couldn't. I´ve learned that God has a bigger plan for each of us and that if we let Him, all the experiences we have, He will teach us and help us grow. I'm thankful for the trials I had in Urquiza and am ready for the next chapter in Pompeya!! 

-Elder Steele

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