Monday, November 28, 2016

The 3 Nephites

Email written: 11/28/16

Have to keep it short because one of my companions is really sick and we have to go. Basically this week one of the Elders from Saavedra had to go home so we got put in a trio. While it was really sad watching the Elder go home, we realized how great of an opporunity we have to really do some great things here because it´s 2 big areas with a lot of potential. We had a lot of "fire" and desire to talk to the whole world because we want to find people to teach, but still nothing. It's really hard especailly that the whole zone except for us have baptisms these next 2 weeks. Well we had 3 but they fell through. Long story short this week was brutal and filled with trials of all kinds. I don't know how I've kept going. Everytime I feel like getting down or giving up, some scripture or quote comes to mind and we push forward. I know that every trial has it's purpose, the challenge is figuring out that purpose and being able to push forward with faith and hope. 

-Elder Steele

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