Monday, November 7, 2016

Tacos + Members = People to Teach

Email written: 11/7/16

This week we started to carry out operation Taco Bell where we offered to cook Tacos for every member in their house as a way to gain their trust and to find others through them (and a way to make sure we eat everyday) and we've started to fill our planners and our stomachs. We started last week with Matias (a member who is returning to the church) and his girlfriend Veronica (an investigator) and it was a success. The only thing with them is that they have to get married before Veronica gets baptized. We did it with another family and we finally got a reference from them after 3 months of them promising to give it to us, and we contacted them and it's a family of 4 and they came to church yesterday. 

I can't believe the miracles we have seen this week and we are feeling good about ending this transfer next week. We won't baptize this transfer, but we have for sure done our part in preparing the area for next transfer and the long term future. And sometimes that's what we do as missionaries is prepare for the future. And sometimes we forget that, and we get frustrated when we don´t get the results or the "success" but the most important thing we can do is prepare and take care of this part so that in the future there will be plenty of "fruits" to harvest.  

-Elder Steele

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