Monday, September 5, 2016

Divide to Multiply

Email written: 9/5/16

So this week went a little better in terms of being able to visit and get to know a few more members, but we still have a lot of work ahead of us. Yesterday they divided the wards of Urquiza and Nuñez to create a new ward called Saavedra. There were a ton of people from the 2 wards (including 2 old investigators showed up on their own) and it was exciting. Then we realized the reality. Urquiza is only going to have about 15 active families and we are going to have to start working in a different way so that Urquiza con grow again. The Stake presidency told us that they have to wait until the next transfer to have Elders in the new ward, so we get to work with both wards (because they will be attending the chapel in Urquiza) and Saavedra already has a baptism and a ton of references so this next month will be a lot of work then we will have to hand it off to the new Elders. I feel really good about all of this and that these next few weeks are going to be very interesting but I am really going to grow, and in turn help Urquiza grow.
A while ago I saw the Mormon Message "You Never Know" and made me think about my mission and I just have the hope that I have been able to do some good here even if I don´t get to see all the fruits. I had been kind of worried because it was like "well what fruits do I have?" and I think it was an answer to prayers today because for Pday we went to another part of Buenos Aires and ran into another group of Elders, one of which is in my old area of Soldati and I talked to him asking about everyone and he told me that in these past months there have been a ton of miracles and changes, and when he told me who and what happened it was a lot of people that first me and Elder Hatch, and then later Elder Garcia, had been trying to work with and I had no idea what had happened to them. I don´t want to sound prideful and say that it was me that did all of that, because it wasn't me, but a combination of other missionaries and God doing the work there, I just got to be a small part of it. We really don't know the results of our actions a lot of the time so we really have to make sure we do our best and the rest will be taken care of.

-Elder Steele
pic- zona Belgrano

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