Monday, August 29, 2016

Big Money, Big Vision

Email written: 8/29/16

So this week was my first week in Urquiza. And oh man, it is so different from Soldati, Parque Avellaneda, and Savio. It´s all buildings and you have to ring bells and the people talk to you through a little speaker (big money). And no one, well 2 people talked to us between Tuesday and yesterday. 2!! Only 2 people and then a handful of members gave us some time to talk. I was like what are we doing here?? Not even the members had time for us and it was just walking around trying to find something to do before going back to the pension at night. Elder Matos explained to me the ward mission plan and what he and his companion had been doing before and it´s basically what we had been doing in Savio, so I am very excited for all the things we have planned.
But now basically the whole ward knows me and already are joking about me because Sunday they asked me to go up and talk for a few minutes so that everyone could get to know me, and in part of what I said was that I have the vision (big vision) of filling the overflow with chairs (and people) and that the ward is going to grow and a lot of other missionary stuff. Well then they announced a combined sacrament meeting for next week because they are going to create a new ward using part of Urquiza and another ward. So everyone after came up to me and was like "hahaha Elder nice vision" and "hey what do you know, it´s going to come true". I don´t know if they are making fun of me or a being nice, either way I was serious in my goal to help this ward grow (but obviously I´m not going to do anything, it´s all the Lord´s work).
Yes it´s hard and this is going to be the most trying time in my mission (especially after Savio was seriously the greatest point of my mission) But for some reason I´m not scared or discouraged. I know that these experiences are going to help me (and in turn be able to help other people) now and later in life. I know I can´t control the thoughts or actions of others, but I can control mine. So if I do my part, I can´t worry too much. So now it´s all on me and my faith and diligence. This is going to be an interesting next few months. 

-Elder Steele

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