Monday, September 19, 2016

The Committee to Plan Parties

Email written: 9/19/16

So this week passed by super fast. Our biggest focus this week was our ward activity that we had planned for Sunday night. We had to wait almost 2 weeks for approval so we only had this last week to run around the whole area inviting people, but it was so worth it! We did an activity where the people "felt" the life of Christ. We even did a crown of thorns (don´t worry, no one wore it)! It seriously was so incredible the spirit that was there. We had a lot of members, less active members, and a few investigators and almost everyone was crying at the end. My testimony and gratitude grew a lot last night and I just felt super privileged to be a missionary and to be an actual representative of Jesus Christ.
The other part of this week is we keep trying to do our contacts and teach more people about the Book of Mormon, and Saturday we finally had someone stop and listen and we felt God´s love for him and a desire to help, but when Elder Matos pulled out the Book of Mormon he was like "Nope. A book isn´t going to help me change. I've killed people in Colombia, Brasil, and Argentina. You 3 (we had a member with us) don´t know anything about life." After showing us his scars he threw the Book at Elder Matos and we walked away. But I still know the Book of Mormon is true!!!  -Elder Steele
(Elder Steele did not give any explanation as to what this picture is about,
but he's smiling and that's good enough for me!)

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