Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I Had a Dream

Email written: 8/23/16

So today is transfer day, and I already thought that I was going to be transferred, and here I am in Urquiza. It's in the rich part of Buenos Aires capital. I'm excited because it's a whole different type of work here. I already know Villas and Provincia so this is going to be fun. I´m in Urquiza with Elder Matos. He´s from Brazil, so I get to keep learning Portuguese. Also there are only 4 elders (including us) in the zone and there are 8 sisters. The other 3 elders are all from Brazil, so this is going to be interesting.
It didn't feel like another 6 weeks had passed by so in my last days we kept working. We baptized Tomas, Cecilia's 12 year old son. When Elder Adams came to do the baptismal interview, Tomas was upstairs sleeping. I went with my companion and Elder Adams´ companion to talk to Tomas. We pretended he was dreaming and that we were angels telling him he needed to get baptized (we´re terrible I know). We told Cecilia not to say anything. 2 days later Cecilia told us that Tomas woke up and told his mom that he had a dream and needs to get baptized. We couldn't stop laughing. But then we talked to him for real and he actually wanted to get baptized so it´s all good. We found a lot of new people this week, and in part by getting up in the front of the bus and inviting everyone (that was a very nerve-racking experience). The crazy thing is, Elder Silva also got transferred. They took us both out and now Savio is going to be 1 giant area for the other Elders now. We got the call last night at 11:30pm and were both really surprised. We don´t know the reasons behind it, but knowing that transfers are inspired, this is part of God´s plan and right now we don´t understand.   -Elder Steele

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