Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Back to Work (Kind of)

Email written: 3/8/16

So this week was another interesting week. Pday was normal and fun but at about 6pm Elder Troya was complaining about having problems again. Tuesday we didn't get to do a whole lot of work. Wednesday we got to go to yet another doctor and got yet another opinion about his back. So finally Thursday morning he got to receive some injections in his back to help the problem, but we couldn't work in the afternoon. Friday he felt better and worked all day and we started getting back into the swing of things. Saturday we kept going good and visited a bunch of less active families with members. Sunday was another hard day and we couldn´t work and today we had to go back to the mission home to talk with President about Elder Troya. Nothing is final, but tomorrow I will have a new companion to be able to work in my area. 

We saw 2 big miracles this week with the ward. The first was on Tuesday we received a call at about 6pm from our ward mission leader and he told us we had our weekly coordination meeting which was a very good thing because just a few days ago he said he had quit. Then on Sunday the ward attendance jumped up from 100 these past few weeks to 170. And even some of the inactive families we visited showed up. We might not have had a lot of time to work or investigators, but we felt so good to see that the ward is progressing in a very good direction. It´s an example of patience, humility, and prayer.   -Elder Steele

We finally took a picture of the 4 of us in the apartment. 

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