Monday, March 21, 2016

We Found Jesús!

Email written: 3/21/16

This week was one that did not go according to plan at all. First of all President had said I should expect a new companion this week, but he still hasn't received the revelation of who to send so now I am officially in a new area with not 1 but 2 new companions! So I´m still in Parque Avellaneda but now I´m in another part of it with Elder Sherman and De Avila (the elders who were living with us in the pension). Being in a trio is fun because we can enter whatever house we need to and I like this area because it´s in Soldati. To get to this area we either have to cross through the Monoblocks of Soldati (my old area!!) or the Villa Soldati so almost everyday I run into somebody from Soldati and it makes my day. On Thursday I ran into Guadalupe and I just felt really good. 

But this week has been pretty rough in teaching and finding. Almost everyday the member that we would set up to go out with us would cancel about 20 minutes before and then we were stuck. All the plans that we made just didn't work out. We had some moments where we found people (including a kid named Jesus) but by Sunday we didn't have anybody progressing.  The ward situation has given us some hope because we got a new mission leader and he just finished serving his mission so we are going to really start to be able to work with the ward starting today. 

I have learned 2 big lessons this week. The first is that we normally talk about faith without works is dead, but the inverse is also true. Works without faith is also dead. And we realized that some days we are just going out to work without the faith that we are going to find. It is so important to maintain faith and a positive atitude. The other lesson I learend in talking with Elder Sherman is about success here in the mission. Elder Sherman although only has 3 months here already has a large vision and we both realized that true sucess here comes through diligence and obedience not titles or numbers (Elder Sherman is also a fan of Steve Nash so we used him as our example of true success). We both have realized that the transfers when we put in work and didn´t worry about numbers were the ones where we felt more successful. We both share that our greatest fear is getting home and realizing that we didn´t do everything we could have done and that has been our motivation to try to work and get better everyday. 

-Elder Steele

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