Monday, October 26, 2015

Oohh. Almost Had It!

Email written: 10/26/15

So this past week was set up to be a really great one. We always have the goal to get 20 lessons with members. But the things is no one in the zone has done it for the past 4 months or something. Elder Garcia came here with the attitude of ´´20 lessons sí o sí´´ which means there is no way we aren´t going to get 20 lessons. Here´s how the week looked

Monday- Still with Elder Hatch and we couldn´t get any lessons
Tuesday- Transfers and Pday which meant only about 2 hours of work and we didn´t get a lesson
Wednesday- All our appointments fell through so no lessons
Thursday- We got 7 lessons! That was the most I've ever gotten in a day and there have been some weeks where we only have 7 for the entire week. 
Friday- Had to go to Provincia in Derqui so we couldn't work. 
Saturday- Had 6 lessons. 

On Saturday night we felt so good. We were going to pull a miracle and get 20 lessons in only 3 days! And we were waiting for 8 people to come to church. But then Sunday came and we only got 1 investigator to church. After church we went to lunch and got a call from the zone leaders and they told we all have to go home after lunch and stay there because it was election day and we need to avoid any problems. And there went our 3 day miracle. We were bummed because we totally knew we were going to have all those lessons and get more investigators but it just didn't happen.  What it showed us though was how possible it is to stretch ourselves and work even harder. So this week, sí o sí we are getting 20 lessons. Good news is that Guadalupe still has her baptism date for November 7th!  On Thursday we got to go to Derqui, which is in the Provincia because the area got whitewashed. This meant that both Elders in the area are new and don´t know anything about the area. Because my companion Elder Garcia was in Derqui last transfer, President asked him to come back to teach the Elders the area. So we spent the day walking around and teaching. Provincia is so different from Capital. It was so open and nice and tranquil out in Provincia and I enjoyed it, but at the same time made me miss the monoblocks a little bit. 

I had a dream last night that freaked me out. All that I remember is that I had a panic attack and had the thought ´´I'm running out of time quick and I don´t feel like I've done anything here.´´ Now yall are probably thinking ´´Oh he has 20 months left, what is he worried about´´ but the truth is, time is passing by quick and not a second can be lost. There are some days where they don´t feel like they have an end, but the days and the weeks overall and flying by. These feelings can be used either as a tool for feeling discouraged or for motivation to really truly give all my heart, might, mind, and strength every single day. I´d rather get rejected by 20 people and come back to the apartment tired and hungry than finish the day feeling great but knowing I held something back. I don´t know what the Lord has for me to do here in Soldati, but all I can do is pray and work everyday to try to accomplish my purpose here. 

-Elder Steele

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