Monday, October 12, 2015

¡Vamos River!

Email written: 10/12/15

P-day last week was really good. We went to Siga La Vaca, which is one of those unlimited meat restaurants and it was so good. We had a little competition to see who could eat the most, and being from Texas, I won. I would have eaten more but the mashed potatoes were too good and way too filling. Then we went to the River Stadium which was really cool. We just missed the last tour but we still got pictures and went in to the part of the museum. 

With P-day as awesome as it was it really set us up to have an attitude of positivity for the week. This week was almost nothing in terms of progress. We do have one; Gaston. He is really awesome and is working towards baptism. But other than him we've had a down week. Well if you look at it, my mission to this point has been a pretty big slump. The whole zone is struggling. But even with all that, we aren´t down on ourselves. This is where my life has prepared me. First being a Detroit Lions fan, when they went 0-16 was brutal, but that meant when they got the little wins it was even better. Then also my 6th grade basketball team The Spurs. We lost game after game and finally the last game of the season we won. This has given me hope that something big is coming at some point later in my mission and the only way to appreciate it is going to be by struggling now. 

Another thing that has helped me stay positive came from Aunt Sabina. She talked about only offering prayers of thanks as a way to focus on the good. So that´s what I did all week last week. In all my prayers I didn´t ask for a single thing, I only gave thanks. This really makes you focus on the good and you realize how good it still is even when it seems hard.    -Elder Steele

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  1. Thank you for sharing! Remember that blessings come from making the effort not just by the results.