Monday, November 2, 2015

Moving Day and Thanks for the package!

Email written: 11/2/15

So this past week we moved apartments and it was kind of a mess. The secretaries that came to help couldn´t come until 9:30 PM so we had to stay up until 11 PM 2 nights in a row. But now we are all settled in and it´s nice to have a bigger apartment and 2 more Elders (Lobato and Brady). 

So last week we couldn´t do our 3 day miracle, BUT this week we pulled it off. We didn´t try for a 3 day miracle but members and plans kept falling through to where we had 1 lesson going into Friday. Then Friday we got 8, Saturday we got 10, andSunday we got 2. 21 lessons in a week! Just a few weeks ago we were only getting between 7 and 13. Things are really turning around and it feels good. Part of what helped was on Thursday we had Elder Gonzelez from the 70 come talk to us to help us raise our vision and push to the end of the year. The goal for baptisms for the mission in 2015 is 1600, and we only lack 537 to get there. He talked a lot of faith and I felt motivated. With that I was able to do my 10 daily contacts (which means talk to at least 10 people in the street everyday) and really seek for those opportunities to have lessons. In the meeting we also were presented with a new weekly goal of lessons: 52. When we all heard this it was a ´´seriously. How are we supposed to do this?´´ But now after how we´ve been working we know it is possible. Between me, Elder Garcia, Elder Lobato, and Elder Brady we have talked about what we can do. This week we are going to work and pray harder than ever before. We are going to give up the rest of our p-days this transfer. We are going to have to do more than 20 contacts a day. This is going to be a difficult week, but by Sunday night so very rewarding. I am so ready to turn it up in the monoblocks.
With baptisms we have Guadalupe planned for the 7th and then a family we found on Saturday (reference from the mission president´s wife) have the date for the 22 of November.

-Elder Steele

I can´t believe yall sent me a basketball. Love you both so much! 

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