Tuesday, October 20, 2015

At Least We´ve Had 1 Miracle

Email written: 10/20/15

So if yall didn´t know, we went the whole month of September and this first half of October without hot water or gas in our pensión which meant we walked to pompeya´s pensión every morning. But on Saturday morning I was washing dishes and noticed the water was coming out a little warmer than usual. I then turned the hot water knob and the hot water came out! I told Elder Hatch to turn the shower on, and hot water came out of there too! The stove and oven still don´t have gas but at least we can shower in our own pensión now which is a huge blessing. 

Today is transfer day and I´m staying. Elder Hatch finished his mission on a good note. We had a lot of rough times relating to missionary work, but I am thankful I always got along with him and that he was always obedient. My new companion is Elder Garcia from Utah. Everyone told me he this is his last transfer but he just told me that he has 2 more left. I am excited to keep working in the blocks and feel that we are going to turn it around this transfer. 

Not much happened this week. We have Gaston but we go 3 to 4 days without seeing him so we don´t know what it going to happen. Guadalupe has a date for November 7 and she seems all good to go for it. We just have to find more people and work more with the ward. 

Here´s me in the Villa making asado.

-Elder Steele

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