Monday, January 4, 2016

Email Runs on Mormon Standard Time

Email written: 1/4/16

So last week was a little complicated and we ended up with about 10 minutes to do everything in the cyber. But we have time this week. 

So first of all it has not felt like the holidays at all. So for Christmas on the 24th we had an activity for the mission and my favorite part was seeing not only Elders Hardcastle and Holtry but all my old friends from Soldati. As much as I love my new zone, I realized how much I´ve missed Soldati. And then that night we went to a member´s house for dinner and we got to stay out until 10:30pm and after dinner we got to watch the fireworks. It´s so weird to know that I already made it to Christmas. Christmas day we had pday and I got to talk to the family which was really awesome to do. It didn´t feel like I had seen them for 6 months and Collin had changed so much. It reminded me how much I love them. To finish off that week we got to baptize Axel. His Grandma is a member but we had been teaching him, his grandpa and his cousin. HIs cousin left for vacation so we have to wait for this week to baptize her and his grandpa still has some doubts. But in the end his grandma was really happy and now she is active again (because they moved from Bolivia and hadn´t been to the church here because she didn´t know where it was and had been praying to go back to church and then we showed up).

This past week has been a little slow because of all the holidays but we still have 4 investigators including an old couple who have been married for 48 years and after teaching them the first lesson Elder Cruz and I both realized that we could help them get sealed and in the end that´s the real goal. Because baptism is only the door and the temple is the higher goal. So we have spent the last week really trying to prepare them not only understand baptism but also the temple. We also have Leandro who showed up to the church when we had our weekly correlation meeting and asked how he could be a member (we call people like him elegidos) and he is going good for his baptism Sunday along with the others. For new years we had to be in the apartment at 8:30 so we didn´t do much but at midnight we were up because the fireworks were everywhere and we couldn´t sleep. To start the new year as a mission we are reading the Book of Mormon all the way through before the next general conference, so if anyone is up to it, why not join us. Also with this new year it´s the time to set goals to change and be better and that´s what I´ve been thinking about a lot lately; how can I be a better missionary and a better person and it all starts with the simple things, so that´s what I´m going to do. 

This pday was the best pday I´ve had in the mission because we made Tacos and played basketball as a district along with one more companionship of elders and sisters. And the tacos were pretty authentic thanks to our texmex knowledge and the store Jumbo which sells all the stuff we needed including refried beans and taco sauce imported from El Paso Texas. It was the best way to end this transfer and I really look forward to see what 2016 has. 

-Elder Steele

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