Monday, November 23, 2015

Soldati is on the Comeback

Email written: 11/23/15

What a week. Every companionship this week had a baptism and it was just a really good feeling that all the hard work that we´ve put in not only this transfer but the past few transfers. 

The 2 baptisms we had were Guadalupe and Brian. 

Guadalupe has known the missionaries for almost a year and 2 of her kids got baptized in March but she has just kept waiting and there was always something to make her push her baptism back but she finally entered the waters of baptism and she was so happy and after she told me she was waiting for a missionary like me and I was really humbled. 

Brian got baptized too and he is such a sweet little kid. Now his family is complete and it´s helping his mom get back to church. 

This is the last week of this transfer and I feel good. Everyone in the zone thinks I´m staying and yesterday I was thinking and I´d be ok with another transfer here. I´m ready to just keep working.    -Elder Steele

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