Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's All in Your Head

Email written: 9/14/15

I can´t believe that it´s already been 3 months since I left home. I does not feel like that. The amount of experiences I've already have had are really special. 

So this week was the first week of transfers and it´s really good. We had a lot of ´dead´ missioanries, which means they are on their last transfer and are at least partly already home. That does not bode well for motivation for the zone. But they all left and we got some really great Elders. Elder Cunningham is one of the new zone leaders and he has really helped bring some new life and motivation in the district. All the other elders that came here are really aweseome too, so we really feel September is going to be the month of miracles.

On Wednesday I had an interesting experience and learned that success (or lack of) is all in your head. It seems like everyone in Soldati has been sick the past week, and Elder Hatch and I are no exception. It probably has something to do with the weird weather change. So I had been sick for a few days already when it came to Wednesday. And then it was so so cold and it was raining a ton. I was pretty miserable. I started thinking that all I wanted was some hot chocolate or mate cocido We were waiting for a member and then I started to think, ´´no. What I want more than anything right now is to have a lesson and get some new investigators´´ The member opened the door and gave us hot chocolate. Then we went up to a part member family who was a reference from another member. We had felt really good about them and their kids but they weren´t there. Still sick, cold, tired, and wanting mate cocido we were ready to go back down the 15 flights of stairs. Then I decided to knock on the door across. They were a couple who we contacted Sunday in the stairs and we had set an appointment with them for Monday but they weren´t there. A concern was that Laura said she was watching a movie about Mormons in Afric but couldn´t remember the name. I thought it was either the Book of Mormon musical or Freetown. Still I knocked when Elder Hatch said no. Then Ramon opened the door and at that point we expected to talk to him in the door and Elder Hatch was about to drop them. But they invited us in, gave us mate cocido and we ended up teaching Ramon, Laura, and their daughter Vanesa a really good lesson. Ramon doesn´t want much but Laura and Vanesa really have a desire to learn more. And at the end we found out that the movie Laura watched was Freetown, which made us feel better. So in the end, what we focus our thoughts on is what we eventually end up getting. 

Friday was Ezequiel´s birthday. On Thursday we asked him if he was going to celebrate it,and his mom said they didn´t really have the money to do anything but still told us to come by on Friday. Elder Hatch decided to make a cake for him that night. The problem is, we have not had gas in our apartment for 2 weeks so we can´t cook, but there are other Elders 10 minutes away with an oven. We bought the stuff thursday night and made plans to go early to their apartment Fridaymorning to shower and make the cake. But, Elder Hatch broke the lighter, so we couldn´t use the oven. We had to take everything to the church and use the kitchen there. After forever we figured out the oven and started baking the cake. The box said 1 hour, which we thought was strange so we decided to go back after 30 minutes. After 27 minutes we went back to the kitched to the smell of burning cake. We pulled it out to find the edges and the bottom were pretty crispy, but there was still some good cake. So we cut out the bad, stacked the good, and frosted it. It turned out a lot smaller than we wanted, but it was still good.

-Elder Steele

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