Monday, March 6, 2017

The Benefit of Councils

Email written: 3/6/17

This week started off great with the baptism of Micaela! There were a ton of members and investigators and the ward was really excited. This baptism was just a blessing that came out of nowhere thanks to ward council. The best part was that her mom, who is not a member, opened up more and talked seriously about baptism and what holds her back from doing it. The sad thing is that they are moving to Cordoba this week so we won't be able to keep helping them.

Another council that really helped us with our work was yesterday in a meeting with the stake presidency, bishoprics, and missionaries. They talked about the vision of the stake and we all really got excited and captured a new vision of how we should work and we came out of that meeting with a lot of new ideas and we are so ready to work.

The last council was that me and Elder Howard had pretty much everyday. A lot of interesting interactions and visits with people really made us think about a lot of things and helped us put higher and greater goals for the mission and life. We realized how important it is to make it to the Celestial Kingdom and it's a constant effort to do it, and the great thing is that´s what we get to do as missionaries. Help others find their purpose in life and help them change their lives.

-Elder Steele

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