Monday, February 6, 2017

21 Miracles

Email written: 2/6/17

So this week was pretty special and I feel just overall grateful for this week and this transfer and I was able to reflect on a lot of good that had happened. From the a/c in our apartment, to the fact we get lunch everyday and that I get along really well with my companion plenty of miracles have happened. About 2 weeks ago we did service for a family in the ward where we demolished a brick wall and it was pretty fun. We didn't think much of it until last Wednesday when the sister called us and told us "Elders. meet me outside the villa in 20 minutes" so we went and she said she was going to present us to her friend Milagros (which is Spanish for Miracles!). The member told us that she saw Milagros a few days before and had remembered her from years ago and felt like she had to go talk to her and so she did and Milagros agreed to have us come by. We taught 2 really good lessons and she was all set to come to church. But she had to move without warning so she couldn't come. The good part is she is going to move to another part of the villa even closer to members. 

So Sunday came and I was feeling a little sick and Milagros wasn't coming and we showed up to the first class and saw someone we didn't recognize. Turns out a member had brought not 1 but 2 friends to church because they want change in their lives! And he said he is going to bring his 3 other brothers to church next week too! 

As for my birthday it went pretty well. Got tacos for lunch and a lot of members made cakes (and also the elders who live below us). 

-Elder Steele

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