Monday, January 30, 2017

They Say

Email written: 1/30/17

They say that in the zone of Belgrano you go to suffer. 
They say that Belgrano is only for sister missionaries.
They say that in the zone of Belgrano you don´t baptize. 
They say that you don´t baptize in a "sister´s area" 
They say that Villa Urquiza has gone more than a year without a baptism
They say it´s too hard so why even try.

Those were some of the things I heard when I went to Urquiza, while I was there, and even now that I've left. But today I ran into Elder Spurling and he told me that our old investigator Livia finally got baptized! After more than a year Urquiza had a baptism! I can remember all the work we put in and how we kept waiting for a miracle and now almost 3 months later the hard work of a lot of us has payed off and the ward of Urquiza just got a huge blessing. It just makes me happy to know that my efforts weren't wasted there in Urquiza and that it´s always worth it to keep doing what´s right even when you don´t see the results. 

As for us in Nueva Pompeya we focused on sharing our testimonies about Christ and the Book of Mormon and it really changed how our contacts went. The spirit was a lot stronger and we felt really good as we did it. Even though not a lot more chose to listen, we still found some amazing people. The sad part is all of our possibilities and miracles we had couldn't come to church. One, without warning, had to go back to Perú and the other one has to move to another part of Argentina for work. We felt good knowing the type of "seed" we had planted and hope the missionaries over there can find and teach them. 

-Elder Steele

Pics- Livia´s baptism and the Boca Stadium 

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