Monday, May 1, 2017

What Storybook?

Email written: 5/1/17

This week started out as one of the greatest ever! Saturday we had interviews with President and it was an awesome interview. President Smith really helped me understand a lot of things and it was the best. This week we also had the new idea from President to leave every morning at 10 until lunch to focus on sharing the Book of Mormon and finding new people. We worked hard trusting that we would see miracles and they started to come. The ward is so excited in sharing the Book of Mormon and they are now so willing to help us (we're eating so much more now haha). We really do have the best members and bishop here. We have found a lot of people and we realized that we can start baptizing more and we were so pumped.

On Friday we had the baptism interview of Franklin (the kid who just showed up and asked to be baptized) and things looked good. The baptism was at  5:00 and at 5:20 his family still didn't show up. We called and his dad said that they changed their minds. I was mad. The bishop was with us and he told us to stay calm and he called the ward mission leader to come in with us and the 4 of us made a plan of how we were going to teach and baptize not only Franklin, but the whole family.

Then just like they say "as one door closes another opens" a member who we helped come back to church showed up with her daughter and told us we need to teach her because she had just moved from Bolivia to study.
We started teaching but because we were so excited we kind of overwhelmed her and then we worried we blew that miracle too. Then on Sunday of the 7 investigators we were waiting for, none of them showed up and that was just another hit. I was frustrated and asked God "Why don´t I ever get the storybook ending. Why don´t things ever turn out" and then the question came to me "well, who's writing the book?" and that made me think a whole lot. I'm going to be honest, I don't know why a lot of things happen, but I realize I have to just trust and keep going so we can still achieve great things. 

Pics- making donuts and fried oreos

-Elder Steele

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