Monday, October 24, 2016

Like Kevin Garnett, Anything is Possible

Email written: 10/24/16

So I don't know if anyone remembers but a little more than a month ago, we received the goal of 5 copies of the Book of Mormon everyday or 30 in a week and how we struggled to just give out 1? Well I do, and this week we changed all of that. We decided we needed to do more if we want to see miracles and baptize. So that´s what we did. We made invitations and gave out over 600 and we were able to give out 30 copies of the Book of Mormon. By the end of the week we ran into the greatest problem you can have in the mission; trying to find the time in how you are going to be able to make it to all of your appointments. We finally had a large number of people to teach. The week flew by so fast and we felt so good knowing that we really did our best. We realized that the only thing that is holding us back from having success is us and that we have to be willing to do everything possible to find solutions. The truth is we really didn't do a whole lot. We aren't the greatest missionaries and we aren´t perfect, but the little that we can give, we gave, and we were blessed with a ton of miracles. 

From the ward Family Home Evening last night, to our progressing investigators, this week was a week of blessings and one that really built our faith. Wednesday (well I think it was Wednesday because the days are all blurred together) it rained a ton and we didn't have our umbrellas or our coats and we were tired and I thought just how easy it would be to give up and take some easy way out, but then an impression came to me that made me think. I thought "how can you just give up? What kind of standard are you going to set for your future self?" and we just kept moving on. 

-Elder Steele

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